SenesTech is a platform biotechnology company specializing in reproductive physiology 

Our mission:  SenesTech aims to provide for the more humane treatment of animals, to improve the quality of human life, and to enhance environmental stewardship through global application of our animal fertility control technology.

We are currently applying our revolutionary technology to the control of rats

in both agricultural and urban settings.

We believe that with the application of our product, we will be able to significantly reduce rodent populations in urban settings as well as reduce damage to rice and other grain crops by population control in agricultural settings. The resulting increase in food yields could feed at least an additional 380 million people annually. In urban settings rodents transmit diseases and damage infrastructure. Application of our product will decrease rodent populations resulting in a proportional decrease in disease transmission and economic damage. SenesTech is developing strategic partnerships to accelerate the translation of its platform technology into marketable products.



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